What to wear

Start with Mum

Mum, choose your outfit first and build the rest of the family around this. A maxi dress is my go-to. Flowy maxi’s are so fun to play with, allow you to move around easily and give a timeless look to your photos.

See 'The Concept Wardrobe' to download a worksheet and create your final colour palette

Neutrals, pastels and muted colours

I personally love really classic, timeless looks and neutrals, pastels and muted colours are a perfect base for your outfit selection.


Colours such as putty, sand, ivory, forest green, navy and tan would all be considered neutral colours.


Pink, mauve, baby blue, mint, peach etc. are often described as pastel colours. They are clean, soft and breezy and suited to a beach shoot where the backdrop of sand and sea is clean and bright.


Toned down or subtle colours (not bright or have been subdued, dulled or greyed), like the colours of nature at the end of winter or early spring. Earth tones emulate natural colours found in dirt, moss, trees and rocks.

Choose colours that reflect your shoot location

Select colours that emulate your shoot location. The examples above are excellent examples of clothing colours that reflect the backdrop. The outfits harmonise beautifully with their shoot location.

How to put your colours together

Step 1 - Choose your base neutral

Choose 1-2 neutrals or muted pastels as your base colours.

Step 2 - Choose your accent colours (warm/cool)

Then add a muted darker shade (you can mix up warm and cool) for accents.

Cool: Chambray and denim are also great for casual looks. Muted versions of silver or gunmetal.

Warm: Muted versions of gold, copper or bronze work beautifully with a natural environment.


  • Avoid matching exact colours. Use variations (tints or shades) of each colour.
  • Avoid neon colours, even in shoes and accessories. They will cast weird colours on your skin and generally look distracting in your photos.

Coordinate, not matchy-matchy

Avoid identical outfits. Rather than all t-shirts and shorts for the boys, mix up top and bottoms. If you don't have the luxury of options, create variety between tops and bottoms with shades of colour or details or small pattern.

Pattern, texture and detailing

Pattern can be used to create interest in your photos. Use subtle, small, repetitive pattern like gingham (tiny checks) and stick to the same colour shades.

As an timeless alternative to pattern, choose fabrics with raw textures or weaves for effortless sophistication. Denim, raw cotton or linen, chambray, embroidery, lace and tulle add extra dimension and a softness to your photos.

Avoid shiny fabrics like polyester and absolutely no bright white shirts please.

Effortless style

Timeless and classic, not trendy and labelled. Select a slightly dressier version of your everyday style. We can always tone it down by removing shoes when seated, buttoning down, rolling up sleeves etc.

Avoid clothing with graphics, writing, logos, or bold patterns. Footy shirts, surf shirts, fashion labelled logos and licensed kids clothing are distracting and take the focus away from your faces.

Accentuate your favourite bits

Use your accent colour, cute accessories or fitted clothing to accentuate your favourite features.

If you have any areas that aren't your favourite bits, work to camouflage those. It can be as simple as wearing a light summer jacket (think layering) to cover your arms, or a high-waisted pleated skirt to hide a tummy.

Please be mindful of exposed bra straps, too much cleavage from different angles and put your daughters in leggings or bike pants if wearing a dress.

Remember, we are naturally drawn to exposed skin in photos … and this should be your family’s gorgeous faces.

Lay your outfits side-by-side

Lay outfits on bed to see what they look like together. Move them around to get a feel for what your photos will look like. Feel free to send me a photo - I would love to assist!

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