Prompts, not posing

Let's face it, getting in front of a camera feels awkward and uncomfortable for most people. It's my job to help you feel comfortable in front of the camera. And if I have done my job well, you will start to forget that I have the camera and immerse yourself in the experience of hanging out with your family and exploring your surroundings.


Think of it like this — posing is static, prompting is movement. Movement brings your images to life and tells a story as it naturally unfolds. Movement creates distraction, relaxes your body and gives your photos a natural look and feel.

Confident direction

However, great photographs don't just 'happen', especially in a short amount of time — there needs to be some kind of narrative. You don't want to be left hanging and uncertain of what to do — this scenario is just awkward! Just think of me like a 'movie director'. I'll set up the scene for you with prompting and keep you all on track from start to finish. Your shoot will flow easily and effortlessly and you won't believe how quickly the time goes!

Learning to relax


Before we begin shooting, I like to just hang out for a little bit and chat. We talk about the location and I'll explain to the kids what we're going to do (games, challenges etc.). This time is all about you guys and I ask that you don't look at the camera UNLESS I call out for you to.

We will usually begin your shoot with a quiet seated game, then I capture your interactions from a distance. I call this 'your family bubble' and it always produces some beautiful connections and heartfelt images.

Dissolving awkwardness

Method: Fun, games and challenges

When we're all settled into the shoot, it's time for some fun and silliness. This time I'll most definitely be amongst your chaos!

The idea is to create movement, joy and distraction from the camera.

Maximising attention spans

Method: Exploring the environment

I get to know what your family loves to do before we even meet, and this sets the scene for your photo shoot location. Where do you love making memories? Where are your children their happiest? I like to sprinkle our shoot with micro adventures and keep those short attention spans focused and distracted. If we were at the beach, like the photos above, it would go something like this. "WOW! Check out those rock pools!" (distraction). "Can you see all the holes on the rocks?!" (piquing interest). "They are little houses for fish and crabs." (curiousity) "Shall we have a look?!" (exploration). "What do they feel like under your feet?" (connection to environment). "Don't let the crabs tickle you!" (fun).

A short but exciting adventure that will produce natural and whimsical photos that incorporate the environment and capture unique details and personalities of each of your children.

Tiredness or hunger

Method: Pause and focus attention

Your babies are as important to me as they are to you. If someone is hungry, we stop and eat. If someone is unhappy and needs a cuddle or attention, indulge in the process of bringing a smile to their face. Simple games like "This Little Piggy" make for incredible photos.

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