Hi there, I'm Jo.

I'm a lover of all things family. I have a knack for seeing the beauty in others and have a fascination for stories.

Essentially, I'm here to remind you of what you have, and how lucky you are.

This is why I do what I do.

Jo from Joanna Kate Photography in Ashgrove seated in her kitchen in front of her own family portrait

Life is to be lived, and remembered

I strongly believe every moment of our lives is important. Every heartache means you've loved hard. Every hurdle means you've tried and experienced life and every valley means that things can only get better.

I think the sweet moments are felt much more intensely when we've endured struggle.

I think family gives us the hope we need.

Whether it's your journey through an illness or surviving with mental health, it is connections with others that bring meaning into our lives.

We believe a life well-lived means leaving behind a legacy of sharing what we've learned & leaning into transparency rather than only sharing the highlights of our lives!

Selfies don't cut it

As you can see, I totally suck at taking selfies with my family. I blame my short arms. Thankfully I am really good on the other side of the camera.

If your selfies aren't measuring up to a decent photo memory, it's time to book in a family shoot. Let a professional capture your family, with ALL family members inside the frame.

Adventure is in my blood

Growing up as a kid in NZ I scaled cliffs, rock hopped, rode motorbikes, built cubby houses out of hay bales and slept on beaches around a camp fire. So if you're worried about asking me to photograph your extended family reunion holiday at a hinterland hideaway, don't be! Ring me right now!

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