Choosing a location

We are spoilt for choice in our beautiful city. There are many breathtaking locations in and around Brisbane and beyond. I am located at Ashgrove but don’t mind travelling to your favourite place.

I am continuously scouting for new locations to keep it fresh for my clients. Places that I sometimes stumble upon while mountain bike riding or backdrops that might catch my eye just before sunset.  Some are well known for their beauty or iconic features, others are hand-selected by me.

Whether it be a nautical, urban, creekside, forestry, oceanic, botanical, outback, mountainous, rustic, or city location, there will be a backdrop to suit everyone.  Or if you prefer, I’ll come to YOUR favourite place. 

After I receive your CLIENT BRIEF, I will give you a number of options that will perfectly fit your family and the types of images you are after.