Getting to know you

Thank you for making a booking with Joanna Kate Photography. I can't wait to meet your family. If you've been here before, welcome back! It is sooo very exciting to see your family grow.

By completing the Client Brief (questionnaire below), you provide me insight into your life and family members at this particular moment in time. This info helps me prepare for your shoot, so that you have the best possible experience and your photos are everything you've dreamed of!

Client Brief

The surname listed on your contract

List the name, age (children only) and relationship of each family member (including pet name and breed if applicable)

Helps me understand how much you know about my work and style

I'd like to thank them! :-)

To ensure I exceed your expectations :-)

Let's make this shoot your best ever!

Was there a particular event that prompted you to book a family photo shoot?

I'm sure I will have a solution as I've photographed 100's of families! Don't be shy :-)

Email or text me images, or drop a link here.

Would you prefer a studio session or an in-home session, or a natural backdrop of beach / river / countryside / mountains / manicured park / floral gardens / Brisbane iconic cityscape / wildflowers, wispy grass and open fields?

Helps me suggest appropriate locations

Will help to narrow down our choice of locations

This helps me plan your photo shoot prompts

Physical features you love and want to remember

Are there any specific shots, poses, groupings, activities or details you want me to prioritise?

Please give me a heads up

This helps me plan prompts and activities during your shoot

I don't want to push anyone beyond their comfort levels, so please let me know anything of concern

Share online/print/send to family members/display in home, create photo book etc.

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